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September 27, 2009

Marianne's Blog

A little background ...

This woman was a contestant on "Ukraine's Got Talent" last month. She is standing behind a table which is covered with sand. The table is lit from beneath.

There is an overhead camera above the table, and that video is being projected onto the large screen behind her so that the audience can watch what she is doing.

She is telling the story of one of the aerial bombings of Kiev during World War II. You will see one of the famous monuments that stands in Kiev today commemorating those bombings.

Guess who won the competition?


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September 10, 2009

Marianne's Blog:

The non-violent activist is, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "materially passive but spiritually active." If ever there was time to remember King's comment that "we have a power within us more powerful than bullets," it's now.

It's time to claim our internal powers.

It's time to have a serious meditation vigil for Glenn Beck.

Not only has he indirectly threatened the President ("Either Obama is in danger or we are"). He has even begun picking off Administration officials and smearing them out of office (Van Jones). He is doing this stuff nightly on TV, and he is taken very seriously by millions of people.

The history of my ancestors teaches that ignoring his kind of hatred is unwise. Don't think it will just blow over or go away or become uninteresting to people. Glenn Beck is a psychological and emotional terrorist, and it's time to spiritually quarantine him before he does any more harm. Here's how you do it:

Every day, pray for Beck's happiness for five minutes. Then meditate on this image:

1. See him sitting within a golden egg.

2. See that the eggshell that surrounds him is made of an impenetrable, titanium-like substance. None of his malevolent thoughts can turn into harmful action of any kind, on any level, because they cannot get past the eggshell.

3. See a golden light being emitted from the inside of the eggshell, showering Beck with peace and love and healing energy.

Internal powers are as real as external powers. Using the power of loving thoughts, we have the power to dismantle this bomb before it really explodes. And if enough of us do this, dismantle it we will.

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