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November 22, 2007

Prayers for Somalia

By Marianne Williamson

While Americans are celebrating the holidays in a land of plenty, we're reminded of those who live in places where food they need merely to survive is unavailable to them.

This letter is what you might think of as a "Prayer Alert." Tens of thousands of Somalians, victims seeking refuge from the cruel and bitter fighting there, now endure the unimaginable suffering of starvation. Their humanitarian crisis is exacerbated by the fact that, given the violence in the region, no aid organization can safely make it through with food for them. All the world can do is bear witness to the agony of these people. And pray.

For those of us who believe, as it is written in A COURSE IN MIRACLES, that "prayer is the medium of miracles," I ask you to join with me in praying for the suffering, starving refugees of Somalia. May there be a miracle somehow, that food might make its way to them. May the God who parted the waters of the Red Sea now part the waters for all who suffer.

Dear God,
Please help the people of Somalia
and elsewhere
who do not have food,
who watch their children starve,
who face the agony of unimaginable
and unnecessary suffering.
May miracles light the way
and cast this darkness
from the earth.
May our lives be lifted
that we might serve,
and somehow be of use,
dear God,
to You, and to them.

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