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November 9, 2004

Welcome to the Miracle Matrix

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Miracle Matrix.

I want to begin by talking about why the Matrix was created, and what I hope it will accomplish.

In October 1993, I began speaking about A Course in Miracles at the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. And for whatever reason, I can tell you exactly what I was wearing. I wore a straight red wool skirt, the material of which I can still remember. Plus a pullover cable white sweater, a silver necklace my mother had brought me from one of her travels, and high heel red shoes. Why I remember my outfit from that day so completely, I can't tell you. But it was such a big day for me, and I will never forget it. Seventy-five people were there. I was over the moon.

Later that afternoon, the woman who then headed the philosophical society called me and asked if I would like to give a talk on the Course every Saturday. An average of thirty or so people used to come, we would sit in a circle, and I would serve ginger ale. Thus began my speaking career.

Over the last twenty years, the world has morphed and so have I. Some good things have happened, and some not-so-good things have happened, but I have learned to see a deeper connection between those two things than I might have appreciated in years gone by. I'm at a point in my life where I'm not trying so hard to do things, necessarily, as to understand things. I want to be more conscious of my life as I'm living it, and it seems to me that that is the call not only of my own soul, but of the world. Whatever we have been through, if we understand things deeply enough, we can create something beautiful now.

With over twenty years' worth of audio tapes, nine books, hundreds of video tapes and a backlog of tears and laughter behind me, I think I have the basis for a gift I haven't given yet but would like to. I want the Miracle Matrix to be a place that looks like one of those scenes in a children's mystery book, where the children find a room that hasn't been entered for many years, they open a big door, and when they see all the stuff gathered inside, exclaim, "Wow!" Each of the children travel around the room, stopping to play with whatever item meets their fancy. And there are so many items, it would take a long time to go through them all.

Hopefully, the Matrix will become such a room for you. I want to make all the work I've done so far available to whomever it might serve, and also create a platform for all of us to go deeper and reach higher than we ever have before. I want to download my tapes that are old, and my tapes that are new. I want to blog; I want to write prayers and meditations; I want to activate our passion for a better world; I want to motivate myself, and you, to create some miracles right here, right now.

In every person's story, there is the story of the world. The Miracle Matrix is a door to my world, and I invite you to enter. I hope you find treasure here; I hope you find yourself going, "Wow." Whether you are joining me from Los Angeles or Detroit, Miami or Portland, New York or London, we are coming together to weave something new. The past will help guide us, and in going forward, we will guide each other.

Welcome to the Miracle Matrix.

Welcome to our shared world.

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November 8, 2004

An Interview with Marianne

Maureen McDonald, freelance Detroit journalist, interviewed Marianne about her newly released work, The Gift of Change, Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life (HarperCollins, $21.95 hardback), to be available in bookstores on Tuesday, November 9.

Q. What gift in particular does change present to us?

A. Every experience we go through is a mirror. So if we aren't happy with our lives, every situation provides an opportunity to change our thoughts, create new energies, and respond differently. Once you know that everything in your life arises from consciousness, you start to look pretty closely at what goes on between your ears. Change that, and you can change your world.

Q. Can you tell us about one of the hardest experiences you encountered, knowing you must make a change?

A. My life hasn't worked that way. I haven't been real good at looking around and saying, "Oh, I need to change." My pattern has been more one in which I have ignored that need, pressing on despite the fact that something wasn't working, and allowing a lot of chaos to get generated before I said, "Enough." If you ignore what you know to be true when God has whispered it in your ear, then the universe will ultimately start screaming at you until you get it. That's been my way, more often than not. I'm one of those "contentious" people they talk about in the Bible! Hard-headed girl.

Q. How did you shift your life? Do you meditate daily?

A. I do the Workbook in "A COURSE IN MIRACLES", and I'm also a student of Transcendental Meditation.

Q. "The Gift of Change" is your ninth book, following a string of best sellers including "A Return to Love," "A Woman's Worth," and "Illuminata". How has your thinking changed through the years, what new insights have you found?

A. I began lecturing in l983. "Return to Love" was published 12 years ago, and it took four years before that to write it. So I've lived a few chapters of my life during all that time, and hopefully my insights have deepened. In A RETURN TO LOVE, my example of how cruel the ego can be was someone standing me up for a date to the Olympics! Was life different then, or what?! I couldn't even imagine writing that now.

Life has gotten a lot more serious for a lot of us over the last several years. Kids, marriages, age, terrorism…sooner or later, you start to mature. And when you look at the world from a more mature perspective, you have a greater desire to be a positive influence on it yourself.

Q. Would you say many of the people you meet on lecture tours have romantic delusions that trigger more emotional pain, less satisfaction?

A. Clearly the answer is yes. But not always. And I love that "always."

Q. Should more of us be concentrating on doing our Father's business? How does this enter our daily lives?

A. God's business is the activity of love. To say, "I'm about my Father's business," means, "I'm here to love." Making love our goal, our real bottom line, is a decidedly different orientation to life than most of us have been taught. It's certainly counter to the cut-throat ethos that dominates so much of the world today. But therein holds the transformation -- of our own lives, and of the planet.

Q. What is the writing process? Is there a time of day you reserve for journaling? Do you keep a notebook handy where you record thoughts or conversations that strike a chord?

A. I've always been told that writers should write every day, but I don't. I write in spurts, whenever the spirit moves me. And of course, sometimes that spirit is the spirit of a deadline!

Q. Why do people today seem to suffer so much pain? You've talked in lectures about the dangerous number of women taking antidepressants. Can we individually and collectively create a shift?

A. I don't think we're in more pain than usual; I just think we're more aware of it. And we're in pain because the world is out of sync with God, with love, with natural and righteous living -- whatever you want to call it. Most people know that. And we make a shift by correcting the thoughts and attitudes that create the pain. But the shift is a gradual process that never stops; there are no silver bullets in the spiritual realm. We have to be continually devoted -through religion, spirituality, whatever practice or healing modality works for us. We're seeking to penetrate veils of illusion that have literally taken ages to accumulate. But we can do it. And the bottom line is always forgiveness and love. Until there's that insight, the pain continues.

Q. How do we dig deep, arise from wallowing in the negative?

Every day, we have a chance to live from lower energies or higher ones. We can blame or we can bless; we can judge or we can forgive; we can complain or we can contribute. Those choices determine who we are in the world, and what kind of world we're creating for ourselves and those around us.

Most of us know what to do, we're just too lazy sometimes to do it. Whether it's reading A COURSE IN MIRACES every day, or going to the gym, the issue is usually our need to resist the little voice that says, "Hey, why bother." When we don't give in to our littleness, and make a stand for our spiritual magnitude, things change.

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